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Sweetcream Dairy is a registered dairy plant.

Sweetcream differs from traditional ice cream shops in that it is a certified dairy and milk processing plant. This allows us to make truly homemade ice cream, each flavor prepared from its own unique recipe, on site, in our shop.

Pasteurizing our own ice cream mix also allows us to source our ingredients and flavorings from local farms and businesses, an important moral that we stir into each batch. Our ice cream begins with milk and cream from Harris Farm in nearby Dayton, Maine. We purchase our flavorings, fruits, and herbs directly from farmers and local suppliers. By using produce that is at its peak throughout the year, Maine's seasons are reflected in the flavors we offer. 


Sweetcream dairy


(207) 520-2386


40 Main St.
Building 13 - Suite 138
Biddeford, ME


EVENTS and catering

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