We make ice cream because we love eating it! Our hope is to find the most delicious version of each flavor, whether it be an old classic or a fresh new idea. We are always tweaking and improving our recipes and have found that keeping our recipes simple and sourcing our ingredients responsibly most often leads to the best results.


We keep our ingredient list short. We believe that fewer components translates to better, brighter, and more genuine flavor. We chose to pasteurize our own mix so that we could avoid industrial ingredients like gums, emulsifiers and artificial flavorings. Instead, we choose to work with ingredients you’d likely find at the farmer’s market and your local grocery store. You’ll probably find most of our ingredients at home in your kitchen pantry!


Our goal is to reinvest as much of our sales as possible back into the local economy. We source our ingredients and flavorings directly from Maine farms and producers whenever possible. That means direct, hand to hand transactions with the farmers themselves.

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Recorder charts! You'll see these in the back of our shop. They keep track of the temperature of the ice cream mix during pasteurization.